The Next Generation Learning Management System

FeL and Partners have developed the most advanced Learning Management System (LMS) available to date and are leading the way in developing educational technology.

Anti-Cheat Software

Our Controlled Environment Assessment Tool (CEAT™) is a web-based, automated remote invigilation software package that uses posture recognition technology, learner lockdown controls and plagiarism detection software to provide a secure online environment for the delivery of regulated exams and assessments.

With the increased acceptance of digital solutions for examination and assessment in today’s world, the use of new technologies to support the creation and delivery of exams and assessments is becoming more and more commonplace.

As a result, the benefits of delivering exams and assessments online is recognised by Awarding Organisations and education providers, but still many of the systems available do not provide the security required with cheating and identity fraud still a major issue!

Controlled Environment Assessment

Examination sessions can be completed at a time and place convenient to the learner, with their examination session being recorded start to finish for later review, with control measures in place to eliminate their ability to cheat.

Classroom Course Management

Streamline and optimise your back-office training event management processes for tutor-led-training by taking advantage of Training Administration Made Easy (TAME™) System. With the ability to integrate to our LMS, TAME™ is a one size fits all solution for all your training delivery needs. From one portal you will be able to manage, monitor and report against all your training delivery requirements, reducing overheads and replacing the need for multiple systems.

eLearning Courses

eLearning can be delivered using a computer, laptop or tablet to achieve part or all of a course. This could be in a school, part of your mandatory employee training or just for fun.

eLearning is a popular choice because of the options it brings. Learning can be taken in your own home or at work, at a time that is convenient for you, giving you the freedom to learn in your own time and at your own pace.


Have you thought about taking your Regulated Qualifications online? Now you can! Our Systems can work with you to build your qualification portfolio or regulated exams into an online format to be hosted on the UK’s #1 LMS, delivered through the only patent protect Online Invigilation software around.

Talk to us about the various options available to you and see how we can help take your qualification delivery to the next level.