Integrating the Learning Management System into institutions has allowed them to make substantial savings of up to 50% per candidate head.

Financial eLearning’s partner Psittacus has the UK’s fastest growing Learning Management System, converting eLearning for over 350,000 companies, SME’s and not-for-profit organisations using their own White Labelled System.

Utilising this Learning Management System eliminates the need for classrooms, teachers and most importantly, time off work. Our system can be accessed anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using the secure log-in portal.

CEAT Systems (Controlled Environment Assessment Tool) is the only online learning system which cannot be cheated or manipulated. It is also an accredited system that meets the strict guidelines set by awarding organisations who are regulated by Ofqual.

In order to meet these guidelines, CEAT™ System needs to ensure that the opportunity to manipulate learner’s results is eliminated. This approach, is the reason why the CEAT™ System is able to provide 100% Online Regulated Qualifications, without the need of an ‘Invigilator lead’ assessment or exam, as the CEAT™ System does this part itself.

CEAT offers institutions full access to individual candidate accounts, this allows monitoring of metrics such as time usage and progression in the programme.

The Blended Learning Environment offers both CPD and Regulated Qualifications, both using the same CEAT System. This sets a new level within the world of online learning and education and makes the CEAT System the most robust and only online LMS which CANNOT BE CHEATED OR MANIPULATED, therefore providing the ONLY LMS in the UK which can host and then deliver Ofqual Regulated Qualifications, 100% online.

You can cheat on every online LMS which is already available, simply hand over the login details and someone else can sit the exam for you.

Online learning is used in virtually every organisation today, but there is no way of proving who actually took the examination, until NOW.

With CEAT System, when a learner starts an assessment of exam which has been assigned to them for completion they need to take the following steps.

  • Upload a copy of their ID.
  • When they start the test the CEAT System will take control of the learners webcam whilst they are taking the assessment or exam.
  • They will submit their answers to their assessment or exam and receive a “Provisional Pass or Fail” pending verification of their ID and review of the recorded webcam images to ensure there is no evidence of malpractice.
  • During the assessment or exam, if the learner navigates away from the page the CEAT System will automatically stop the test, thus preventing the learner viewing other documents, web pages or files on their computer which may aid them whilst taking the assessment of exam.