Our innovative Introduction to Personal Finance course contains everything that you wanted to know about finance from budgeting to payday loans.

Our course is split into a series of short high-impact videos, support documents that all tackle different elements of personal finance. The Level 2 course will help you to improve your finances by managing your money and organising your hard earned cash to work better for you.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the advantages of saving and borrowing money
  2. Describe the financial costs of short/long term borrowing
  3. Explain the situation which allows access to state benefits
  4. Explain the need for a contingency fund
  5. Compare the risks and rewards involved in shares and other types of investments
  6. Describe the problems that may arise if expenditure is greater than income
  7. Identify the types of products and services provided by banks and building societies
  8. Explain the meaning of the different numbers shown on a play slip
  9. Describe the potential problems of using credit

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