We help individuals & businesses master finance through regulated & accredited E-learning courses.

An introduction to Fel

Financial elearning

Fel is the world’s first 100% online UK Government Ofqual (Ofqual.gov.uk) accredited training provider. Fel provides a variety of affordable, regulated & accredited courses across a range of financial topics, in partnership with Stellar Education. These courses are provided through an award-winning LMS system, creating the very best online learning environment for students.

Martin Hills – Founder & CEO

Martin Hills started his journey within the financial sector over 25 years ago & prior to setting up financial e-learning, Martin worked as a city trader in some of the worlds most prestigious financial institutions. Martin left the corporate world to pursue his purpose of creating a more financially literate world, Fel was born.

Our regulated & accredited courses

Here at Fel, we have a range of leading regulated & accredited financial e-learning courses available.

Our award winning Learning Management System

Whenever a course is purchased from us, the course is accessed & taken through our award winning learning management system, ensuring the best e-learning environment experience.

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Why Financial elearning?

Skillsfirst accredited resources
Award Winning LMS system
courses written by industry experts
Patented CEAT software

Looking to improve your financial situation?

Book a free discovery call in with our CEO, Martin Hills

If you’re interested in learning how you can improve your personal financial situation, you can book a free call with our CEO Martin Hills. On this call, Martin will clearly outline how you can improve your financial situation & share a handful of personalised financial tips & tricks.

Financial elearning for businesses

Financial and well-being training for your employees.

Here at Fel, we’re extremely passionate about helping businesses improve the financial literacy & skills of their employees. Increased financial literacy can have a massive impact on an employees life, but also a massive impact on a businesses bottom line.

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