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Financial education specifically made for secondary schools.

We help secondary schools provide affordable, accredited & regulated financial education to their students.

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An introduction to Fel

Financial elearning

Fel provides a variety of affordable, regulated & accredited courses across a range of financial topics, in partnership with Stellar Education. These courses are provided through an award-winning LMS system, creating the very best online learning environment for students.

Martin Hills – Founder & CEO

Martin Hills started his journey within the financial sector over 25 years ago & prior to setting up financial e-learning, Martin worked as a city trader in some of the worlds most prestigious financial institutions. Martin left the corporate world to pursue his purpose of creating a more financially literate world, Fel was born.

How FeL works with schools

Our regulated & accredited courses

Here at Fel, we have a range of leading regulated & accredited financial e-learning courses available.

Level 1 Award – Managing Your Own Money

The range of units contained in this qualification allow you to learn, develop and practice the financial skills required for life and has been designed to meet the needs of learners who wish to gain an understanding of how to balance income and expenditure, how to save money and SAFE borrowing.

Level 1 Certificate – Managing Personal Finance

This course has been designed to meet the needs of learners who wish to comprehend the principles of saving and borrowing money, sources of income and expenditure, the importance of budgeting, and financial products and services available.

Level 1 Award – Ways to Maintain Personal Well-Being

This qualification has been developed to make learners aware of the principles of personal well-being and ways of maintaining it. It explores the impact of positive behaviour, healthy-eating, mindfulness and meditation. The modules within the course also covers the importance of physical activities, connections to peers, and generosity and support to others.

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How Accredited & Regulated Financial Education Can Improve Students Lives.

What you’ll learn:

  • How financial education can improve the lives of students
  • Why financial education can provide extremely important life skills to students
  • How students can access financial education requiring little effort from the school
  • How easy it is to improve the financial well being of students
  • The exact courses students require in order to become financially literate

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Our partners

We are fortunate to work with some of the biggest names in our industry.