Level 3 – Certificate in Financial Trading (RQF)


Financial eLearning’s OFQUAL Regulated 4 – 6 week high-impact Level 3 Certificate in Financial Trading course gives you the skills that you need to start trading on the market, or pursue a career within finance. Whether you want to increase your personal investment portfolio or develop your career within finance, this course will show you how to do it compliantly, effectively and safely. View more about the course on our video below:


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Financial Traders can regularly make a significant amount of money for their employers. Trading is one of the most coveted jobs in the financial markets. A good Trader can make tens of millions of pounds for their company every year and take home vast bonuses.

The area of financial trading covers a wide range of job roles. A Proprietary Trader buys and sells financial products on behalf of the bank that employs them, whilst a Flow Trader executes trades on behalf of their bank’s clients. A Sales Trader acts as a mediator between the client and the people who are responsible for actually executing the trades.

Other ‘players’ in the market are Retail Investors. These are individual investors who buy and sell securities for their personal account, and not for another company or organisation. They are also known as an “individual investor” or “small investor”.

Advanced learner Loans available £724.00 | Guided learning hours 45

Principles Of Financial Trading
Role of the Financial trader | Mutual Funds | Investment Banks | Institutional Investors | Market Makers | Arbitrage

What Are Financial Markets
Risk | Liquidity | Futures Markets | Spread Betting | CFD’s | Supply and Demand | Inflation | Fiscal Policy | Central Banks

Traded Financial Products
Trading Exchanges | Bond Markets | Price and Yield | Forex Markets | Currency trading between Banks | Commodities | Options | STIRS | Libor | Cryptocurrencies

Trading Patterns And Analysis
Trends | Charts | Market Profile | Support and Resistance | Fibonacci Numbers | Bollinger bands | Oscillators | Divergence | Moving Averages | Volume Indicators

Trading Financial Products
Types of Trading | Spreads/Hedging | Butterfly Spreads | GDP | Major Economic Indicators | Bond Auctions | Central bank Speeches | Daily Trading Sheet

Market Psychology | Market sentiment | Crowd behaviour | Behavioural Finance | Market inefficiencies | Trader Psychology | Emotional intelligence | Trading emotions | Performance strategies | Trade execution

Financial Management
Investment Performance and Risk | Leverage | Margin | Self Employed Day Traders | Stopping Out | Business Tax | Stamp Duty | Transaction Tax | Financial Trading

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