Level 1 – Award in Ways to Maintain Personal Well-being (RQF)


This qualification has been developed for the widest range of learners possible: young people, students and adults, those who are entering further or higher education or pre-employment, recently unemployed or between jobs. It has been designed to make learners aware of the principles of personal well-being and some of the ways of maintaining it. It also explores the impact of positive behaviour, healthy-eating, mindfulness and meditation on mental well-being.

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The range of modules contained in this qualification allow the learner to understand the need to make connections with others, to be physically active, receive continual learning and provide generosity and support to others. This qualification could also prove invaluable toward the learner’s personal and career development.

This qualification does not require you to have any prior qualifications or levels of prior learning.

AEB funded £450 | Guided learning hours 72

MODULE 1 – What is personal well-being?
Why is it important to look after our well-being? | What does mental well-being mean? | What is a mental health disorder?

MODULE 2 – What is anxiety?

MODULE 3 – What is Depression?
What are the signs and causes of depression

MODULE 4 – What is stress?
What are signs of stress

MODULE 5 – What is ADD / ADHD?

MODULE 6 – What is substance abuse?
How can substances harm us | How to stop taking a substance | What is an eating disorder – bulimia / Anorexia

MODULE 7 – What is healthy eating?
Why is a healthy diet important | Tips for Healthy cooking and eating

MODULE 8 – Who do we connect with?
What is a connection? | Why is it important to connect with people? | What happens if we don’t have connections?

MODULE 9 – What are daily physical activities?
What are the benefits of physical activity? | How much physical activity should I be doing? | Types of exercises for the mind

MODULE 10 – Mindfulness and meditation
What is meditation? | What is mindfulness? | Types of meditation that helps us become more mindful | Techniques to enable mindfulness

MODULE 11 – Understand need for continual learning
Importance of self-growth | Learning activities that contribute towards self-growth

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